Partnering with ItAllCounts is good for business.

Partnering with ItAllCounts is good for business.

For Corporate Partners

Make no mistake about it…giving to charity is a good marketing strategy.  And there’s nothing wrong with it. If there’s a way for you to connect your customers with a charity then it’s a win-win- win.

  1. The customer wins because they get the product/service they want and they can feel good about themselves for helping someone in need.
  2. The charity wins because they are getting donations and attention they wouldn’t have had otherwise.
  3. You win because it’s showing the community that you care.

When you can involve your customers in giving back you’ll build a super-tight relationship with them.

Charity Creates a Positive Brand Image

Being charitable creates a positive image for your brand. People want to see your business giving back and doing good in the community. When consumers become emotionally invested in a company, they will appreciate and support your socially conscious efforts. Few attributes can grow brand preference and affinity, in a consumer’s mind, more than a strong commitment to social and environmental issues.

Let us show you through the different ways your company can partner with ItAllCounts today. Just let us know a few details below and we’ll be in touch shortly!

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